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Becoming an Authorized Tough Duck Dealer definitely has its advantages, not only do you receive a dealer discount off of our already low retail prices, have access to our 'Dealers Only Specials' throughout the year, but now you also qualify to participate in our Annual Sales Bonus Rebate Program if you make your purchases on-line with our new 'Dealer Shopping Cart'!. On top of all of that, you'll receive a package of point-of-purchase materials for your shop including this poster, and with your first order, we will also send you a free demo cover for display in your store.

If you'd like to become an Authorized Tough Duck dealer, read the following information, then fill out the form below and submit it to us. As soon as we confirm your registration as an authorized dealer, we will email you your free Dealer Page Entrance Password and send you the following point-of purchase products and information by mail:

* Poster * Brochures * Brochure holder * Pricing Book

Becoming an Authorized Tough Duck Dealer not only lets you help your customers and make money by selling them our quality products, but now you can also buy our products from us right on-line and save yourself time and effort too! 


Net 30 days, subject to credit approval. Visa and MasterCard payment accepted. Approved confidential credit applications for open accounts must be on file prior to shipment. All invoices not paid within 30 days will accrue interest at 1.5% per month or 18% annually. Orders will not be processed on past due accounts.

Normal Methods of Payment: Credit card
  Cheque (30 days net)

Annual Sales Bonus Rebate Program - 2001

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We value our dealers and want to help them succeed, so starting in 2001, we are implementing our Annual Sales Bonus Rebate Program for On-line Sales. It's an added bonus for our dealers who are helping us grow along with them by reaching and exceeding their sales goals using our 'Dealer Shopping Cart'. To learn more, read on…

How the Program Works…

  • At the end of every year (December 31st) we will calculate the value of all your
  • On-line dealer purchases for that year.
    If your On-line dealer purchase total for the year exceeds our minimum level, you will qualify to receive a Sales Bonus Rebate.
  • We will calculate the appropriate rebate based on the discount schedule shown below and apply a credit to your account*, which will be applied to your purchases in the coming year!

Check out the schedule of discounts below (Please note: all amounts are in US dollars):

Total Annual On-line Dealer Purchases Rebate Value
$ 500.00 - $ 749.00 5%    Rebate
$ 750.00 - $ 999.00 7.5% Rebate
$ 1,000.00 - or more 10%  Rebate

*Bonus Rebate percentages are based on Tough Duck Outdoor Products Ltd.'s calculations of customer net sales (as per December 31) after discounts, and are applicable solely at the discretion of Tough Duck Outdoor Products Ltd. Authorized Dealer status does not constitute a guarantee of Rebate Program Participation nor receipt of program credits or values. Rebates are issued solely at the discretion of Tough Duck Outdoor Products Ltd. to qualified customer accounts, and are made as credits towards future purchases only and cannot be received as 'Cash' payments or be used as payments against existing account balances. Rebates will only be applicable to accounts considered in good standing. Rebates for accounts in arrears or not meeting our criteria will be applied at the discretion of Tough Duck Outdoor Products Ltd. only. Any disputes will be reviewed solely at the discretion of Tough Duck Outdoor Products Ltd.

Please fill out the form below and submit it to us for processing. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest.

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