Each Tough Duck Outboard Cover evolves from a six-piece pattern with a leg strap, cowl zipper placket and a leg zipper tab. All seams are external to eliminate motor abrasion. Zipper contact is eliminated with the "zipper placket". The leg and cowl zipper make the cover a simple one person operation to put on or take off. The "leg strap" keeps it secure and the "drain hole" allows liquid to escape. The final stage of the process is the addition of the "binding". The binding covers all outside seams which means they have actually been sewn twice.

Our Thread
Marine thread is used throughout the entire manufacturing process. Marine thread is 100% filament bonded polyester with a break strength of 16 lb. and is mildew and ultra-violet resistant. Colorfast dyes keep it from fading or running.

Our Zippers
Our Vislon zipper and sliders provide the strength and flexibility needed for marine use. These zippers are self lubricating and will not corrode. When closed these heavy-duty zippers become water resistant.

Our Fabrics
We make covers from 2hp to 250hp for most makes and models. These covers are custom fit specifically for each motor size and make. No two patterns are the same. Our covers are excellent for trailering on highway or off road, or for weather protection while sitting on your boat, or in the yard etc. All of our patterns are available in two tried and proven marine materials:

Softliner is an impregnation coated, 100% woven polyester with a non woven polyester backer. The fabric is 11 oz., giving it extreme toughness and tear resistance, along with UV, and mildew protection. This fabric with it's non woven backing gives a scratch resistant softness that protects sensitive gel coats, painted surfaces and delicate objects. Odyssey Softliner does all this plus adds great water resistance as well. The perfect fabric to protect those expensive outboards while trailering and in storage or simply mooring at the dock.

The Ultimate represents the best in marine products. The "Sunbrella ®" fabric is known through out the industry for it's exceptional quality. At 9oz per sq. Yd., this fabric is tough but soft at the same time. It is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric making it UV, dust, and water resistant. While keeping these qualities, it is a breathable fabric which allows for proper ventilation.