Johnson - 6&8 hp 2 stroke

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engine: Johnson - 6&8 hp 2 stroke
shaft length: help?
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Please Note: Original fabric comes in Black, Silver Grey, and Blue. Choose Ultimate fabric for 50 colour options.


6 hp 2 stroke-Combo-Original
$186.00CAN ($186.00US)

6 hp 2 stroke-Combo-Ultimate
$279.00CAN ($279.00US)

8 hp 2 stroke-Combo-Original
$186.00CAN ($186.00US)

8 hp 2 stroke-Combo-Ultimate
$279.00CAN ($279.00US)


Tough Duck Marine Combination CoverOur Full 2 piece Combination Cover gives the great flexibility of providing full motor coverage for trailering and storing and half cover protection while mooring on the water. This format also allows for easier accommodation of various shaft lengths for each motor size - the leg length changes while the top stays the same and gives you, the customer, the option of starting out with just using the Half Cover and then adding the leg option at a later date as your needs change. The Combination Cover is made with the same exacting standards of other Tough Duck Outboard Covers with only the finest of marine fabrics, materials and findings available on the market today incorporated into their construction.